The Earth Orbit Dispersed Hive Organism and Collective Love Farm In Exile

Earth Orbit Was Where We Lived

Earth Orbit was in San Luis Obispo, California.

You could call it an apartment complex, but that's a little bit like calling the Titanic a big boat that sank. A bunch of us lived there for a very long time. The people constituting the bunch changed slowly over the years. Now it's over. But we aren't.

Some of us really like computers. A lot of us go to Burning Man. All of us loved living in a place where a like-minded co-conspirator is right next door, or downstairs, or across the parking lot.

This is our homepage, because we no longer have a home. Here you'll find links to the pages of various past residents, access to the publically available portions of our network, and links to friends' sites.

The Compound